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  • Introduction of Ningbo Bird Company

    Ningbo Bird is a high technology company established in October 1992, recognized by the State Ministry of Science & Technology and by Chinese Academy of Sciences,headquartered in Fenghua, Zhejiang Province. Bird is listed on the stock marke exchange in China. As one of the largest mobile phone companies, Bird produces primarily mobile phones, palm computers and system equipments.

    Quality Assurance

    About the quality assurance, Bird has established a high quality assurance system and passed the ISO9001 in 1999, acquired the 2000 version of ISO9001 quality certificate in July 2002. At the mean time, Bird is working on the ISO14000 environment system certification. There are many awards given to Bird such as “Customer Satisfied Brand Name Award”, “Customer Satisfied Appearance Design Award” and “Customer Satisfied Functional Innovation Award”. In 2005, Bird won the four CCID major mobile phone awards of “Customer Satisfied Brand Name”, Customer Satisfied”, “Customer Satisfied quality” and “Customer Satisfied Mobile phone Entertaining”

    Bird Market Strategy

    Bird maintains and persists to recruit talentedpeople with ambition to produce mobile phones with advancedtechnologies and outstanding design concepts to serve the aggressive appetite of the market place. In its mission of “Gathering worldwide talents in the exploration of the mobile communications market while developinginnovative products and services to rise as the first class international brand of the world”, and, givingfull play to its advantages in marketing, production and management, etc., Bird strives to establish as the top-ranking communications device manufacturer in the world, becoming the “communication elite serving for the perfect ever communication among people of a new age”.